Departments and sections


The teachers of the department teach classes to the students of all the specialties trained at the institute on physics, higher mathematics, modern computer technologies and mathematical modeling subjects. Academic and laboratory rooms of the department are equipped with the up-to-date computers, laboratory devices, interactive and multimedia technologies, and also the internet system. Special attention is paid to the tasks of developing multi-field technical students skills of conducting tests, forming their abilities to use their knowledge in the solution of the important problems of the electric power, teaching higher technologies application for the rational utilization of the alternative energy sources, mainly solar, wind and water energy. Mathematical modeling and computer technologies provide great opportunities for the solution and analysis of the problems of electric power generation and consumption.

The teachers of the department use modern methods of teaching, computer technologies and conducting scientific - research works with the purpose of the improvement of the scientific-methodological level of the academic works.

Much work in the depart-ment is done concerning the preparation of the students for the State subject competitions and international internet olympiads on physics, mathematics and information sciences. The students, trained at the department on the mentioned subjects, participate and take prize-winning places not only in the State olympiads held every year between the higher-educational institutions, but also in the international William Putnam olympiads organized on mathematics in Ukraine, internet stage of the international olympiad in Israel, in the center of Ariel Universities in Israel, “IMC”, “NSOM” and “SEEMOUS” olympiads in Bulgaria, that are held among the participants from the south-eastern countries.