Departments and sections


The department of “Automation of technical systems” is one of the major specialized departments of the institute. The engineers for the enterprises of electric power and industrial branches of Turkmenistan on the following specialties are trained at the department: ”Automation and management at the technical systems” and “Relay protection and automation of electro-energy systems”.

In order to train the students efficiently, the instructors of department conduct classes related to special subjects according to modern requirements. During these classes the students study the operation structure of equipments of the industrial electronics, technical elements, automation and fundamentals of automated systems.

To meet the modern requirements on training of the future specialists, the department maintains a close connection with manufacturing enterprises. During the classes the teachers provide students with information about the structure and working features of new devices, implemented in the production.

The meetings, consultations and discussions are regularly held with experts of manufacturing enterprises of the electric power branch to investigate technical problems arising on manufacture; For the solution of these problems; the members of the department conduct the research works. The research on decreasing the losses occurring in the process of transferring, distribution and utilization of the electric power are also under deep investigation.