Departments and sections


The department trains mechanical engineers on the specialties of “Metal processing technology and machines”, “Technical maintenance, servicing and repair of the electric and electromechanical equipment”, and “Technological machines and equipment". According to the specialty gained at the higher educational institution, trained students acquire the skills of restoration of the machine components and machine assembling technologies, installation, calculation and construction of the machines, elaboration of the complex projects of the automation of the technological processes in the machine building field, operation of them with the help of automated tools. They are taught to cooperate with the society, to bring up the workers in the spirit of cohesion, purposefulness, and love for their Motherland, to improve their theoretical knowledge and educational work uninterruptedly and systematically, to apply relevantly the scientific information collected by them at the worksites and to organize the labor on the scientific basis.

The present time demands from every educated specialist to approach to his work constructively. Therefore the teachers of the department keep close contact with the production associations and get regularly interested with information about the new innovative technologies established in the production and involve their students to it. There are two circles for the students functioning at the department, such as “Young constructor” and “Young mechanical engineer”. Computer technologies are widely used at the department. Various computer programs are used for designing, calculation and construction.

Experienced teachers of the department are conducting scientific-researches on the scientific themes and areas, such as the elaboration of the scientific basis for the possibilities of the utilization of the local raw materials in the national economy and the exploitation of them in the production, and also involving the students to these scientific works.