Departments and sections


The Department of Information Technology is one of the main departments of the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan. The department provides training for engineers in the specialty ”Complex supply of information security of automated systems” for enterprises in the country’s energy sector. The focus of the department is based on the widespread introduction of information technology in all spheres of human activity. Therefore, the main task of the department is to prepare competent specialists in the field of information technology.

The faculty members of the department impart the students deep knowledge that meets modern requirements. Future information technology specialists are trained using the latest information technology. In the classroom, students learn the basics of information security, programming languages, the main technical means of protecting information, as well as the basics of protecting computer network control systems from malicious cyber attacks, etc.

The department maintains close ties with the manufacturing enterprises of the country, with the aim of training highly qualified specialists. Teachers of the department systematically provide information on innovative technologies introduced into production; introduce them to their structural and functional features.

Teachers and students, aiming to keep up with the latest achievements of science and technology, systematically participate in the competitions of young scientists with their scientific research and projects.

The department organizes an exchange of experience with specialists from manufacturing enterprises in the country’s energy sector, comprehensively studies the technical problems that arise in production, and carries out research work to solve these problems.

Thus, the graduates of the department are distinguished not only by the breadth of their training profile, but also by deep knowledge of fundamental disciplines and the ability to independently obtain information in any field of knowledge as well as the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. This allows them to adapt not only to different areas of energy, but also beyond.