Departments and sections


In the Epoch of Might and Happiness, one of the primary goals of the department of “Social sciences cognition” of the State Energy institute of Turkmenistan is to improve the educational system, to develop the special training of the students up to the world standard level, to bring up the specialists of high moral qualities, politically well-informed, loyal to their Motherland, laborious, skillful of the latest world scientific accomplishments, capable of working in the different fields of the national economy, following the wise thoughts of our Esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which is “The 21st century dictates necessity to keep pace with world progress, advanced achievements of science and education, demands meeting new realities”.

The teachers of the department give lectures and hold seminars classes on “Philosophy”, “Sociology”, “Political science”, “Economics”, “History of Turkmenistan”, “Fundamentals of the legislation of Turkmenistan”, “Modern Turkmen Society” in all the faculties and specialties. The teachers are also uninterruptedly conducting scientific-research, scientific-practical and methodical works. They work on the scientific topic called “Analysis of the social-economic, social-cultural development peculiarities of Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan”, publish articles in the journals and make reports about their results at the scientific-practical conferences.

The members of the department are engaged in directing students to the scientific works. Subject competitions on taught courses are held among them, they also go in for scientific circles. Excursions to “Ancient Merv” and the velayat Museum of History and Region are systematically organized for the students with the purpose of widely learning the national-cultural and historical heritage of our ancestors.

Exchanging opinions on scientific-methodical works are continuously arranged with the teachers. The members of the department are informed about their colleague’s scientific presentations and reports. Scientific-methodical manuals are also prepared. Conducted activities of this kind help the teachers to increase and to improve their teaching professionalism.