Departments and sections


The production engineers capable of protecting surrounding environment, preparing fuel, desalinating and freshening of water, installing available modes of chemical water at the stations, utilizing fuel and water economically and effectively at the electric power stations, are trained on the specialty of “Water and fuel production technology at the thermal electric power stations”.

The current department does not confine itself only with conducting of the disciplines belonging to major production specialty, but also implements common engineering educational training for the students of the other specialties on such several disciplines as “General chemistry”, “Ecology and environmental protection”, “Labor protection”, “Fundamentals of nanotechnology”, “Technological processes and equipment”.

Experienced teachers are carrying out scientific works on the themes approved by the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and guiding several scientific works of the students at the department. The composition kinds of the wastewaters of the “Maryazot” production association, possibilities of detaching valuable substances from their composition, increasing effectiveness of the hydrogencation polishing processes of the Mary State electric power station, implementing chemical desalination and softening of water at the expense of joint production facilities are being under the research at the department.