Departments and sections


The department of “Electro-energy systems” is one of the specialized departments of the Energy-technology faculty. For training of the engineers on such specialities as «Electro-energy systems and networks» and "Electric power supply" experienced teachers work at the department. Senior and experienced teachers of the chair do not only train the students in the area of their specialty, but also considered to be the mentors for the young teachers. On the department of “Electro-energy systems” the future engineers are trained on specialties shown below:

- Electric power engineers are trained on the speciality of "Electro-energy systems and networks” who will work at the electric power enterprises with modern technologies to provide the generation, distance-transfer and distribution of the electric power to different consumers at the energy sector, which is the main support of the country’s economy;

- Electric power engineers on lighting, who will work at the lighting systems with modern technologies, are trained on the speciality of "Electric power supply", capable of designing, operating and providing reliable functioning of the lighting systems of the country sides, cities, houses, buildings of the manufacturing enterprises, interior and exterior lighting systems of the other buildings, streets, special buildings and facilities.

In training of the specialists new scientific achievements, innovative, multimedia technology and the Internet system are used. Professors and teachers of the department are conducting scientific-research works according to modern requirements with the purpose of improving the training of specialists and increasing the ability of the future engineers.