Departments and sections


Specialists are trained at the department of “Electric power stations”, on such specialities as “Gas turbine units and engines”, “Unconventional and renewable energy sources”, “Technology of the electric and heat energy generation”. Highly-educated specialists capable of performing organizational operation, project settlements at the thermal electric power stations, gas turbine electric power stations, alternative energy sources and also conducting scientific-research works of the electric power stations, are trained at the department.

The students studying specialities belonging to this department will become specialists capable of operating, setting, designing, performing calculation and introducing innovations of the main types of the thermal technical equipment of the thermal electric power stations, gas turbine units and engines, unconventional and renewable energy sources.

Scientific-research works on the directions necessary for the development of the energy sector are being conducted at the department of the “Electric power stations”. These scientific-research works are concerned with the scientific bases of the new technologies implementation for the generation and conservation of the electric power. Scientific-research works concerning the calculation of the thermal portion and analyses of the thermal losses of the state electric power stations of Turkmenistan are also under investigation. Utilization of the modern methods and innovative technologies in the researches will support in the solution of the problems of energy sector.