Departments and sections


The department of “Economy of the energy sector” trains the highly educated specialists in the field of “Economy and management of the energy sector”. The department is in close relation and cooperation with enterprises and associations which are under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan. Besides the practical training at the enterprises, students do course work on improving financial stability and increasing economical effectiveness of these enterprises and prepare diploma theses.

By conducting production-technological, organizational-managerial, scientific-research works and the technological processes on the operational modes at the enterprises of the energy sector of Turkmenistan, the specialist will be able to conduct organizational measure for increasing the product quality and decreasing its prime cost according to the specialty gained at the higher educational institution.

The graduates can hold a positions in the electric power stations, substations and other industrial enterprises which are in the composition of the “Turkmenenergo” corporation, at the enterprises of the “Turkmenenergogurlushyk”, the specialized production association “Turkmenenergoabatlayysh” and their branches at the localities, at the enterprises of “Dowletenergogozegchilik” and scientific research bureaus, which are intended for the highly-educated specialists.

Experienced teachers of the department of the “Economy of the energy sector” are carrying out scientific-research works on economy of our country. The students of the specialty of “Economy and management of the energy sector” participate in the international internet olympiads and state subject olympiads on economics.