Departments and sections


The department trains highly qualified specialists on the speciality of „Electromotion and automation of the industrial structures and technological complexes“ and gives the qualification of the “Engineer-electromechanic“.

In the specialty of the „Electromotion and automation of the industrial structures and technological complexes“ the teachers of the department provide students with clear information about pecularities of the operation of various electric machines, their construction and main characteristics widely utilized in the sphere of electrical energy, machinery construction, transport and other industrial sectors.

The students of the mentioned specialty have their academical practical trainings in the industrial enterprises which are under the guidance of the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan and Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan. These academical practical trainings help students to use in practice their theoretical and practical knowledge gained at the institute. During the practical trainings they have an opportunity to gain information about the technology of production, distribution, and transmission of electric power and the structure pecularities of electromechanical equipments used in the industry. By exchanging ideas with specialists, the members of the department constantly improve the quality of academic requirements.

In the department of „Electromechanics“ the scientific research works are conducted in the sphere of electromotion, automation, generation, distribution and transmission processes of the electric power in the electrical energy system of Turkmenistan.