Departments and sections


The Department of Languages of the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan provides instruction in English, Russian, Chinese, Persian and German languages. The primary pedagogical activity of the department is the development and improvement of the linguistic and professional competencies of students, which will allow them to use languages in their specialties in various fields of professional and self-educational activity, scientific and practical work. Language training in the specialty is an integral component of the training of specialists and is professionally oriented. Therefore, the main purpose of language teaching at a technical higher educational institution is to prepare students for the use of a foreign language in their professional activities.

The department includes highly qualified specialists with practical experience in both professional translation and teaching. Many of them are graduates of leading universities of our country and foreign countries. Educational programs implemented by the department provide a high level of training for specialists who will be able to use a foreign language as a means of systematic replenishment of their professional knowledge. Professionally directed teaching of a foreign language at a technical university requires the closest interaction of the discipline “foreign language” with the core disciplines of a technical higher educational institution. In this regard, the study of foreign languages will give students the opportunity not only to communicate in a foreign language, but also to navigate the information space in the digital age. Studying foreign languages by specialty, students will be able to analyze and translate scientific and technical texts in a foreign language, master the features of the style of professional speech, the lexical and grammatical basis of the specialty language, as well as the specific verbal turns characteristic to the written and oral professional speech of power engineers.

The Department of Languages makes a significant contribution to the implementation of the Presidential Programs and the Concept for Improving the Teaching of Foreign Languages in Turkmenistan, adopted and approved by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on December 22, 2017. Thus, the teachers of the department hold scientific conferences, seminars, where they discuss issues related to the theory and practice of the professional language, make scientific reports, the main theme of which are innovative methods of teaching foreign languages.

The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov defines the implementation of effective cooperation with foreign countries as a necessary condition for the development of the country. Consequently, the expansion of Turkmenistan’s international relations in all sectors, including the energy sector, requires the training of highly qualified specialists with such a level of knowledge of foreign languages that allows direct communication with foreign partners in professional activities. In this regard, in the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan, which is one of the technical higher educational institutions of our country, the preparation of future specialists for intercultural communication is of great importance as a guarantee of successful professional interaction with a foreign partner.